The Ranch


The QB Ranch, formally a part of the historic Four Sixes Ranch, is located in King County, Texas in an area that is known to produce trophy-class bucks. The ranch is south of Highway 222 between Knox City and the town of Guthrie. Several creeks feed a number of the many ponds including the 350 acre lake that the QB has stocked with Florida bass and crappie.

First-class fully enclosed box blinds, feeders and food plots have been placed in strategic locations throughout the canyons, rolling hills, and mesquite flats. The primary purpose of operation for the QB Ranch is trophy wildlife rather than cattle ranching as is the case on the majority of ranches in Texas.

The QB Ranch is 20,000 acres of wildlife and habitat management who’s sole purpose is to provide the best hunting operation we can provide and yet still be an accessible destination for corporate outings as well as the individual just wanting the best legitimate hunting opportunity to take a trophy whitetail buck as well as the other wildlife that are managed for quality on the QB Ranch. Wildlife management, feeding programs, habitat improvement, and brush control are continuing operations on the ranch to persist in our effort to improve the habitat and wildlife of the QB Ranch.



We at the QB Ranch are dedicated to the singular goal of producing quality trophy hunts for our clients. Our success in achieving that goal lies in our first-class personnel, good accommodations, great hunting area, and most important, thorough management of our wildlife resources to prevent “over hunting” and permit the animals to reach trophy-class maturity. Consistent with this philosophy, we offer a limited number of hunts that are determined from surveys conducted each September and January. Each hunter may be asked to harvest a doe for each buck that is taken so that we can maintain our 1 to 1 buck to doe ratio. Each hunter is asked to try to take a mature buck 5 1/2 years old or older so as to allow our younger bucks to reach their full trophy potential. This philosophy provides you and future clients with one of the most enjoyable hunts and outdoor experiences of your life. It is our promise to provide our clients with a quality experience. Each individual in our organization will put forth 100% effort in attaining your goal and ours, for every customer to have a enjoyable and memorable hunt, make new friends, see and observe wildlife of all types, and have the opportunity to harvest a great trophy buck, hog or turkey.


Testimonial – “We loved this experience at QB Tx Ranch” Boyer Pools